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Selling your home in Dunwoody?  Do you know what homes are selling for in your neighborhood?  Do you know the home values? You want to get the best price for your house in Dunwoody when selling? Of course you do! But how do you determine the best price?  You know what homes have sold for in your neighborhood, but do you know what they are really selling for?  Do you know what improvements they had in those homes, and how they compare to your home?  Did the seller pay closing costs?

It is only natural when selling a home that you want to get as much as you can, and you don’t want to be greedy.  So how do you settle on the best asking price? First of all you need to contact Jim and Ellen Crawford, Dunwoody's most experienced listing agents!  We off a free CMA and will help you determine a market value of your home.  We also offer full service real estate and relocation services.

Pricing your home correctly from the beginning represents one of the most important factors in the selling your home.  Our experience has shown us that if you price your home TOO HIGH, it may remain on the market for a long period of time - and could ultimately sell for less money than if it were priced properly from the start.

  1. Priced above market value Sellers like to price their home high, thinking that someone just might pay it. That's unlikely - buyers shopping for a home know exactly what the market is like, and won't be fooled into paying more than it's worth.

  2. Priced at market value Always a good strategy - that's what your home is worth!

  3. Worried about setting the wrong price? Ask to see the "estimates of value" collected from agents visiting your home during the broker's open house. These estimates come from agents who work with buyers every day, and who know what buyers are willing to pay for homes. When twenty or thirty values are plotted on graph paper (or simply averaged), your home's true value to buyers will become quite clear. If your home isn't within 5% of the average value, it's overpriced, and the asking price should be dropped. Don't let your home become an old, tired listing. It will eventually sell for less than you would have received if you'd priced it properly!

Ellen & I Don't play pricing games when listing a home.  We list our homes at the right price.  Everyone benefits!  This ensures that our listings sell in the shortest time for the highest price!  We feel this is the best approach! Unlike other agents that will "BUY YOUR LISTING!" (Listing your home at a higher price even if it unrealistic, because the agent knows that you need to sell.) They know that your personal needs will dictate the necessity to reduce later.   Within a few weeks of listing your home at the higher price, the agent will start approaching you to reduce the price.  How mean!   We feel that this is emotional blackmail!

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